Baby Buy List

Option 1 for changing-mat
Mat:Bébé-Jou 71 x 44cm Comfort Dress Cushion (White)
Cover:Bébé-Jou Changing Mat Cover Humphrey’S (Cream)

Option 2 for changing mat (we chose this and placed it on a changing table which secures the mat to the surface)
Changing mat Humphrey’s (Cream)

Option 3 for changing mat (Slightly larger mat)
Rotho Babydesign Wedge Changing Mat (Brown)

Disposing of nappies in bags (only useful when you are out, and want to change diaper. At home, get a proper diaper bin.)
Beaming Baby Bio-degradable Nappy Sacks Fragranced – 5 x packs of 60 (300 bags)

Diaper Bin (very useful unless  you want the whole room to smell of baby poo)
Diaper Champ 3041 R, Blue, Nappy Bin, Regular

Cape (we bought 3 but you can probably do with 2)
TowelsRus Soft Hooded Cotton Baby Wrap Towel, White, 100% Cotton, 76cm x 76cm

Baby Monitor
We bought this one (without camera):
Angelcare AC401 Movement & Sound Monitor
Later on (when she in her own room and we would want to know whether it is worth going in) we sort of missed the camera, but it is not necessary. But in case you want the camera, this seems to be a good device that friends had recommended:
Motorola MBP36S Digital Video Monitor

Ecologically friendly nappies
Nature Babycare Newborn Size 1 (4-11 lbs/2-5 kg) Nappies – 4 x Packs of 26 (104 Nappies)

Ecologically friendly wipes (very useful when you are out. At home, you will use disposable bio cotton squares that you can buy from supermarkets (like Carrefour’s bio maxi carrés doux Bèbè)
Nature Babycare Eco Sensitive Wipes – 10 x Packs of 70 (700 Wipes)

Babybjorn bouncer (We borrowed this from friends and she loved it! But check with your perdiatrician about how long she can stay in it at any one stretch)
BabyBjorn Bouncer Balance Soft (Khaki/ Beige)

Bouncer Toy (if you buy the bouncer)
BabyBjörn Wooden Toy for Babysitter

Option 1 for Chair
(This is what we bought and she has been at table with us ever since she was born. If you intend to bring her at table only later on in life, this is still a very good buy, but there are other options like the famous Stokke TRIP TRAPP – see below)
Chicco Polly Magic Newborn Highchair (Cocoa)

Option 2 for Chair – the famous Stokke TRIP TRAPP
(Caution: you will have to buy all the accessories separately, whereas the Chicco one is all-inclusive)
– the original: Stokke TRIPP TRAPP trip trap chair
– the one that sits on another chair: STOKKE Handy Sit chair

Hair brush (very useful if the baby has hair…)
Reer 81165 Hair Brush Natural Goat Hair Small

Toiletry Essentials hamper (buy this — essential for both mum and baby)
Green People Organic Babies Organic Newborn Hamper

Sterliser (Combi so you can use in microwave or with tablets. Needed in the first few months when everything must be sterilised. Option is to boil things, but not a good idea if water in your area is very hard = loads of calc e.g. if you live in Brussels)
Milton Combi Microwave and Cold Water Steriliser (White)

Breastmilk solutions

The bottles we chose (they’re expensive but best at mimicking the natural flow of milk, so the baby doesn’t become lazy. We bought 3, but if breastfeeding you could probably do with 1-2 for pumped milk. We are told that if you are not going to breastfeed, you need 8-10)
Medela Calma with 150 ml Bottle

Pump (we were told to get an electric one, and that this one is the best and most comfortable. Note that it comes with 1 Calma bottle like the above, so take this into account)
Medela Swing Electric Breastpump with Calma

Bags for freezing milk (you want the milk to freeze quickly which is what happens in a flat bag)
Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags (50 Pieces)
(Watch the video to know how to use)

Nursing Pads (useful for mummy)
Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads (Pack of 240 Pieces)

Little bath utensil useful to wash baby when not giving a full bath
Rotho Baby Design Top and Tail Bowl (Pearl White Cream)

Bath with sitting position (highly recommended by all who have it!)
Tippitoes Mini Bath (White)
Note 1: There is also the larger version.
Note 2: For each of these bath there is also a stand, which we eventually bought because bathing the baby becomes so much more comfortable!!)

Muslin squares (we bought 2 packs)
Lollipop Lane Muslin Squares (White, Pack of 6)

Other muslin squares but these used for bathing baby
Prince Lionheart Warmies Reusable Bamboo Cloth Wipes

Bath thermometer
Philips AVENT SCH550/20 Bath and Room Thermometer

Non Bio Soap (if you intend to follow the UK recommendation to use non-bio soap only for washing baby clothes. Of course, we would put our stuff in the same wash)
Fairy Non Bio Laundry Liquitabs for Sensitive Skin 10 Washes (Pack of 6)

Mosquito Nets (very useful in summer!)
– for the Pram Universal Mosquito Net — For Prams & Pushchairs — One Size fits Most
– for the Cot Cot Bed Insect Net


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