Seriously digital storytelling

Thanks to Ania, today, I met Nowness. For over two years now they publish innovative, fresh and original digital content which respects the needs of the online world. To the point and simple to read. Short words wherever possible. And in the active voice.

They deserve a mention in my blog for this, and also for a lovely snippet about Malta and Gozo. I love it. Read A Maltese Affair.

Almost a year ago, they also published a truly well-made short documentary about Strait Street in Valletta. The Director, Wiz, also uses authentic footage from when British soldiers flocked to this street after disembarking from the warships. Bars, liqueur, girls and brawls. This past and today’s reality make WIZ: Strait Street a must see.


A few last words to Star.

Star made it to the international media after it was found shot and buried alive near Ghar Hasan in Malta on the 19th May. A dog of mixed breed, Star fought for its life but succumbed to the horrific act of cruelty a few hours ago.

Star is not the only victim of animal cruelty. The international media picked up the story not because it’s unique, but because this dog had survived to tell a tale. Now that Star is dead, the story should not also die. To the contrary, the hero of this story should certainly remain remembered to remind everybody that cruelty on any living creature is barbaric and condemned by all civilised people around the world.

Many of us would think that cruelty exists predominantly in war-torn nations. Maltese people will tell you that our history is a proof of our civilisation – so much that our 7000-year-old temples made it on to CNN’s “9 hidden man-made wonders of the world”! Instead, I wonder more how anybody can live to remember that s/he has committed this cruelty. And, a monument of remembrance to Star should stand high to remind us of this for many years, even if maybe it won’t survive as long as the free-standing temples of Hagar Qim and Ggantija.