Malta is a small archipelago in the middle of the Mediterranean. It’s the 9th smallest country by area in the world. A relatively young country (independence in 1964), Malta has been through significant modernisation of its industry, which is mainly service-oriented (tourism, financial services, online gaming, ship registration, etc…). The national language is Maltese – descending from ancient Arabic and along the years spiced with Italian and English vocabulary. Malta prides itself of 300 days of sunshine, impressive cultural heritage, an English-speaking people and very low unemployment. It is part of the European Union and the currency is the Euro.

Many people who I meet away from the shores of the beautiful islands of Malta ask me what it’s like to be in Malta. I have now lived in Belgium (land of Orval and other amazing beers) for some time, and it is also difficult to be objective when describing my own country. So I leave it to:

Videos on YouTube
Gozo, the small peaceful island
Historical videos from British Pathé
A lovely run through the islands – thanks Belair!
A detailed video documentary by Alex Pfeiffer
David Colturi jumping off the Gozo Azure window in Hugo Boss ad

Wikipedia (the official tourism website)

iPhone Apps for those who would like to discover Malta online or as a travel-guide when visiting the islands

Malta Map© OpenStreetMap contributors

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