Nokia Lumia lights up London

Nokia Lumia 800 was launched with a bang, lighting up a London night to deadmau5 beats. It’s Monday 28 Nov, and it’s a truly spectacular grand entrance of the latest smartphone into Europe’s metropolis. Oh sorry, or is that Paris or Berlin… no we’ll just leave these struggling with the euro.

You could see and hear the 4D projection across the capital as it was fired onto the 118 metre high Millbank Tower on the Thames river bank.

Nokia Lumia 800 4D Projection on the Millbank Tower London

London is a lovely place to build the sort of hype Nokia needs to compete with other smartphones. In preparation to the 2012 Olympics the Major of London is even partner in LoveCleanLondon – an app to engage people to keep London clean.

But the Nokia Lumia 800 is still not a strong competition to the experience offered by Apple’s iPhone. Not just because it runs Windows, a generic operating system rather than iOS which is built specific to the iPhone. Lumia’s display resolution is lower on a screen which is slightly larger than that of the iPhone. I believe there’s something like 40,000 apps for the Windows phones when compared to 500,000 for the iPhone. Also, if you own an iPhone today and your friends don’t, you’ve heard them tell you that your photos look really good. That is not only because of the 8mp camera, but also because they look great on the phone’s display – and you’ll hardly match that with a Lumia.

Oh! and the Lumia weighs 2g more than an iPhone 4s.

More information

iPhone site

Nokia Lumia 800 site

A less biased smartphone comparison than mine


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