When does User Experience start?

Today, I started a poll called “When does a User Experience start?” In the last hour that the poll has been active we have had some good feedback:

When does UX start? (Poll results)

We have 12 replies… 75% of respondents believe that UX starts with the person hearing the product. 16% and 8% of respondents respectively, believe that UX starts with deciding to use the product and starting to use the product.

I encourage you to look at Roto (2007) “User Experience from Product Creation Perspective” to read more about this topic.

But before contaminating your views with Roto’s please vote at the poll! It is one question with 4 options… please take 2 minutes to share your view.


2 thoughts on “When does User Experience start?

  1. As the poll progressed… 24 hours later we have the following results. 66% believe that UX starts when the person hears about the product. 14% think that it starts when the person decides to use the product and, 19% believe it’s when they actually puchase it. To me this measns that 36% of respondents do not believe there is any UX in the marketing phase. Why is this so?

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