the Web 2.0 crankling wrapper

The crinkling and crankling of the Web 2.0 wrapper is so loud now that, for governments to remain relevant they also also need to be in-step with this ongoing transformation. Soon I will be posting a feature on governments riding the digital wave but I had to get this video out to you as soon as I came across it.

Back in June (2009) the new Rudd administration in Australia set up the Government 2.0 Taskforce. The video below was created for a presentation to the Minister for Australian Capital Territory. In the words of those who uploaded it on YouTube it seeks to communicate some of the “life reflecting art, reflecting life” aspects of Web 2.0 and modern culture.

You go forth and ride… You ride that Internet…

Bringing together the stakeholders of Europe’s future!

The last decade has seen an evolution in terms of the participatory role of the Internet user in the lives of other users. The evolution has been brought about by what Tim O’Reilly termed Web 2.0 (2005). O’Reilly discovered the rising phenomenon, tagged it as Web 2.0, and analysed the success factors which characterise some of its most successful products – FlickR, Wikipedia, blogs, syndication etc… Governments have been slow to adapt and have traditionally been stuck in the Web of hyperlinks, venturing slowly to RSS feeds but staying away from blogs and social networking which are probably deeemed to need a degree of control before they can be used safely in an e-Government context.

Governments have not yet jumped on to the Web 2.0 bandwagon… but SocialGov.EU ( is knocking at their door! This new social networking site markets itself as the “Social Networking for the EU27 and beyond” and as yet, has but a few enthusiastic members from Malta. However, it promises to bring together stakeholders interested in Europe’s governments from across the continent and probably beyond its shores.

(blogged on 31/10/2009)