Our Baby’s Wishlists :)

Dear family and friends,

Many of you have been helpful already with tips of how to prepare for the little one who is due in July. Thank you so much!

We bought what she needs for the first months and so, please if you are buying her clothes, we prefer ones which will fit her when she is 3 months or older. There are also some things which we will need for her, and which we have set aside at the Amazon UK and DE websites and Mothercare in Brussels. We also love the clothes at Sergent Major.

Amazon Baby Lists


If you are going to get her something from Mothercare, it is best if you visit the shop in City2 where we have a Liste de Naissance. Mothercare will make a gift to the baby when we go to close the list and so, even if you choose anything else for her, please tell the sales person to add it to the Liste de Naissance of Derrick and Monica Pisani. The same goes if you visit the other Mothercare in Toison D’Or.

Sergent Major

If you don’t have an account there yourself, please quote our name (Monica Pisani) for points to be added to our account. A gift voucher will be presented by Sergent Major later on, depending on the total amount spent. There are shops in the centre on Rue Neuve 123 and also at City2.


Thank you,

Monica and Derrick